Aboriginal Legal Services


Aboriginal Legal Services

 prepares Gladue Reports for Aboriginal person in the following courts:

Barrie  -  Brandord  -  Cambridge  -  Cayuga  -  Fort Erie    Guelph  -  Hamilton  - Kitchener-Waterloo  -  Lindsay
Milton  -  Mississauga  - Niagara Falls  -  Orillia
Oshawa  -  Ottawa  -  Penetanguishene
Peterborough - St. Catherines  -  Sarnia  - Simcoe
Stratford  -  Toronto


If you want to request a Gladue Report from ALS and the court is not one of the listed courts above, please first speak with: Jonathan Rudin, Program Director at 416-408-3967 ext. 226  email or Kim Whiteduck, Gladue Report Coordinator at ext. 231 email.

Gladue Reports will only be prepared following a guilty plea or a finding of guilt. ALS will not prepare a Gladue Report in anticipation of a guilty plea.

Gladue Reports are generally only done where the crown is seeking a custodial sentence of at least 90 days for an out-of-custody client or three additional months for a client who is

 It usually takes six weeks to complete a Gladue Report. Absent special circumstances, ALS will not do a Gladue Report for a client who will remain in custody on other charges that are unrelated to the Gladue Report.

To Request a Gladue Report:

Please fill in the Gladue Report Request form and fax it to 416-408-4268 attention Kim Whiteduck or email.  Please do not assume that someone else in the courthouse will fax or email the form. If we do not receive a completed form, we cannot assign the report to a writer.

In order to prepare the report we require the following:

A completed Request Form

Synopsis or Agreed Statement of Facts for the offence(s)

The client’s prior criminal record (if applicable)

A list of the charge(s) the client has pled to

Contact Information - if the client is out-of-custody, please ensure the contact information for the client is correct and if there are alternative contact numbers, please include them as well.

Please keep in mind that if ALS has not agreed to the date for the report in advance, we cannot ensure that the report will be ready for the date suggested, although we will do our best to accommodate requests.