Aboriginal Legal Services


Victim Rights Advocacy / Ki-ne-go zon-gah-zay mani-do

“Ki-ne-go zon-gah-zay mani-do”

“Our Strong Spirit”

The Aboriginal Legal Services Victim Rights Advocacy program, “Ki-ne-go zon-gah-zay mani-do”, provides culturally grounded services to community members of all genders who have survived violence.

We assist with the following:

• Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) applications

• Court Support (Eagle Feather)

• Police Complaints

• Advocacy when dealing with the police

• Human Rights Tribunal applications

• Public Legal Education Sessions

• Referrals to support services available for survivors of violence

• Support Circles for survivors of violence

• Support and advocacy for families of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and two-spirited people

• Inquests



Please note that the Legal Clinic is not able to respond to inquiries it receives via e-mail. If you have an issue you would like to discuss with one of the clinic staff, please call during intake hours and ask to speak to the intake worker. Please call: 416-408-4041



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