Mission Statement


To strengthen the capacity of the Aboriginal community and its citizens to deals with justice issues and provide Aboriginal controlled and culturally based justice alternatives.

Vision Statement


  • We seek a community which deals with justice issues in an assertive, constructive and respectful way.
  • A community which provides support and guidance to its citizens when they need to interact with the justice system.
  • A community involved in developing and implementing justice initiatives and alternatives which are culturally based and community controlled.
  • A community where our youth have the opportunities and abilities to deal with justice issues affecting them.
  • A community where its citizens have minimum exposure to the existing legal system and are less vulnerable to acts of aggression, of racism and ignorance of who we are.
  • A community which resolves its conflicts internally with minimal need for outside involvement.
  • A community which promotes a positive environment related to justice issues - an environment based on mutual understandings with non-aboriginal groups/services such as schools, police, and other enforcement agencies.
  • A community where its agencies work together to ensure justice and related services and issues are provided in holistic and integrated way.
  • A community where its citizens have the confidence and self-esteem to deal with issues in a constructive way.


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