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Aboriginal Legal Services prepares Gladue Reports for Aboriginal persons in the following regions:
Barrie Brantford/Niagara/Hamilton
Durham / Kawartha / Northumberland North Bay
Ottawa Sarnia
Sault Ste. Marie Sudbury
Toronto/Greater Toronto Area Waterloo-Wellington
Gladue Reports and Gladue Letters

Gladue Reports and Gladue Letters will only be prepared following a guilty plea or a finding of guilt. ALS will not prepare a Gladue Report/Letter in anticipation of a guilty plea.

Absent special circumstances, ALS will not do a Gladue Report/Gladue Letter for a client who will remain in custody on other charges that are unrelated to the Gladue Report/Letter.

Gladue Reports and Gladue Letters

Gladue Reports are prepared by Gladue Writers when the Crown’s position for sentencing is a custodial sentence of over 90 days. Gladue Letters are prepared by Gladue Caseworkers when the Crown’s position is 90 days or less. In some circumstances, a Gladue Letter can be prepared instead of a Gladue Report even when the Crown’s position is over 90 days if specifically requested or due to time considerations.

Gladue Reports generally take between 6-8 weeks to prepare. Gladue Letters take approximately 4-5 weeks to prepare; however, Gladue Letters can be expedited and completed more quickly for individuals who are in-custody.

Gladue Reports are longer (typically 25 pages or more) comprehensive Reports involving extensive information gathering through various in-depth interviews, reviewing documents and reports, and conducting additional research as needed. Gladue Letters are shorter documents (5-10 pages) prepared after interviewing the client and confirming information as much as possible (sometimes through additional interviews with other individuals), but the focus is on the immediate issues or challenges that may be facing the individual before the Court and putting that individual in touch with resources or services to assist them in the community.

Both Gladue Reports and Gladue Letters provide information about the Indigenous background of the offender. Gladue Reports and Letters provide detailed sentencing recommendations for the Court’s consideration.

For more information about Gladue Reports, please contact:

Amanda General, Senior Manager – Gladue Writer Program
Phone: 1-416-408-3967 ext. 207

For more information about Gladue Letters, please contact:

Stephanie Bean, Senior Manager – Gladue Caseworker Program
Phone: 1-416-408-3967 ext. 218

To Request a Gladue Report:

To request a Gladue Report or Gladue Letter please click here. Please do not assume that someone else in the courthouse will fax or email the form. If we do not receive a completed form, we cannot assign the report to a writer.

In order to prepare the Report or Letter we require the following:

  • A complete Request Form
  • Synopsis or Agreed Statement of Facts for the offence(s)
  • The client’s prior criminal record (if applicable)
  • A list of the charge(s) the client has pled to

Contact Information - if the client is out-of-custody, please ensure the contact information for the client is correct and if there are alternative contact numbers, please include them as well.

For more information about how to request a Gladue Report, please contact:

Kim Whiteduck, Gladue Report Coordinator
Phone: 1-416-408-3967 ext. 274

For more information about how to request a Gladue Letter, please contact:

Angie Assinewe, Gladue Caseworker Coordinator
Phone: 1-416-408-3967 ext. 256

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