TASSC Members

Aboriginal Legal Services is a member of the Toronto Aboriginal Support Services Council (TASSC)

The TASSC membership includes:

2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations

2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations is a non-profit social services organization whose membership includes of Aboriginal gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans gender people in Toronto. The 2-Spirited organization’s programs and services include: HIV/AIDS education, outreach, prevention and support and counseling for 2-spirited people and others living and affected by HIV/AIDS.

145 Front Street East
Suite 105
Toronto, ON M5A 1E3
Phone: 1-416-944-9300

Aboriginal Legal Services

Aboriginal Legal Services’ mission is strengthen the capacity of the Aboriginal community and its citizens to deals with justice issues and provide Aboriginal controlled and culturally based justice alternatives.

211 Yonge Street #500
Toronto, ON M5B 1M4
Phone: 1-416-408-3967
Email: info@aboriginallegal.ca

Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training

Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training was created in 1991 to meet the unique training and employment needs of aboriginal peoples. Miziwe Biik provides the Greater Toronto Area’s Aboriginal community with training initiatives and employment services.

167 Gerrard Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 2E4
Phone: 1-416-591-2310
Email: reception@miziwebiik.com

Native Canadian Centre of Toronto

Native Canadian Centre is a membership-based, charitable organization located in the heart of downtown Toronto. The Centre offers a wide range of programs and services based on Native cultural traditions and teachings.

16 Spadina Road
Toronto, ON M5R 2S7
Phone: 1-416-964-9087
Email: reception@ncct.on.ca

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

Native Child and Family Services serves strives to provide for a life of quality, well being, caring and healing for children and families in the Toronto Native community. It does this by creating a service model that is culture-based, respecting the values of Native peoples, the extended family and the right to self-determination.

30 College Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1K2
Phone: 1-416-969-8510
Email: info@nativechild.org

Na-Me-Res (Native Men’s Residence)

Na-Me-Res are temporary homes for men, which fosters and maintains a healthy sense of community, cooperation and self-worth through the promotion of traditional native culture and values. They endeavour to build a strong foundation for their clients on the road to recovery and self-sufficiency.

14 Vaughan Rd.
Toronto, ON M6G  2N1
Phone: 1-416-652-0334
Email: general@nameres.org

Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto

The Native Women’s Resource Centre provides a welcoming atmosphere for all Aboriginal women and their children in the Greater Toronto Area. As a registered charity, they offer life-enhancing resources, cultural ceremonies and teachings, skill development, and programs to build collective capacity and celebrate cultures.

191 Gerrard Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 2E5
Phone: 1-416-963-9963
Email: info@nwrct.ca

Nishnawbe Homes

For the many Aboriginal singles coming to Toronto for opportunities, education or jobs, Nishnawbe Homes offers affordable housing that connects them to the community and reflects First Nations culture and values.

244 Church Street
Toronto ON M5B 1Z3
Phone: 1-416-975-5451
Email: nishnawbehomes@rogers.com

Tkaronto Indigenous Peoples Portal (TIPP)

The Tkaronto Indigenous Peoples Portal (TIPP) is a response to recommendations made by the local urban Indigenous community in Toronto. The feedback over the years has indicated that folks would like a way to access information to services, events, programs, businesses in a centralized way.



Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre is an autonomous, vibrant cultural agency that involves and serves the Indigenous community with confidence for and commitment to their well-being. The center provides counselling, material assistance and other direct services to First Nations people as well as to encourage and enhance spiritual and personal growth.

439 Dundas Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 2B1
Phone: 1-416-360-4350
Email: cdo@councilfire.ca


Additional GTA Aboriginal Organizations

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB)


Centre for Indigenous Theatre (CIT)


First Nations House at University of Toronto


Ryerson Aboriginal Student Association